Interviews with successful female leaders about their career journeys, diversity and expert opinions on the future of finance and business


Stephanie Smith

We sit down with Stephanie Smith who is Chief Operating Officer at Allianz Insurance to discuss how to promote diversity and inclusion at the workplace, how to deal with setbacks in your career journey and what impact digital innovation and technology are having on the insurance customer journey.

Michelle McGrade

We sit down with Michelle McGrade who is Advisor to the Investment Committee at Sainsbury’s Pension Scheme to discuss best practices for women to deal with challenges at the workplace, how to transition successfully into a non-executive role and what is the future of the investment industry with ongoing digital innovation.

Sabine VanderLinden

We sit down with Sabine VanderLinden who is Partner at Rainmaking Insurtech to discuss how you can learn from bad career choices, the value of executive coaching and mentoring to succeed at the senior level and how Rainmaking is helping shape a strong InsurTech community in Europe.


Essential insights and advice from successful female leaders about career, diversity and industry trends

The Women Leaders in Finance podcast is brought to you by FinTech Global and AltAssets The podcast shares business insights from successful female leaders across FinTech, RegTech, CyberTech, investment management and private equity. Our aim is to provide perspective on how organisations can improve performance and profitability by taking advantage of the enhanced talent available from a gender-balanced workforce; how female professionals can accelerate their careers and extend their work networks; and offer expert opinion on the future of finance, technology and business.

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